Do do do do UpDO

Pardon the crazy faces... My friend did this style, and I was trying to get her to take pictures with my DSLR... That was probably more time consuming than the hairstyle itself. it's basically a psuedo bun with a swooped bang.


2 Year locaversary

So, yesterday the locs turned 2.... I really can't believe that I have been loc'd for 2 whole years.  It's been one heck of a journey, and now I'm at the stage where it's just a matter of watching them grow.  I just keep saying I'll be satisfied once they are long enough that the locs in the front will fit back into my ponytails... in the meantime  I make due with finding fun ways to keep the shorties out of my eyes... and though it's not of my hair specifically, here's a pic from last night:

I danced so hard I was sore before we even left the club.


Tying the Knot...

*Disclaimer: This is a hairstyle post, not an announcement ( I know I know).  

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last post or not, but lately I've been feeling kind of blah about my locs.  So first I dyed them, then I got them retightened, and last I went prowling around youtube for some inspiration.  I ended up finding this:

My hair is not nearly so long as pecadora's but I gave it a whirl and came up with my own twist on her 'do:


Really like my color here

over the hump


The knots (and some of the escaped ends)

The hump

my work pants say hi

Instead of spacing them out and stopping after one or two knots like she did, I just kept tying until I got to the back of my head.  I then just tucked the loose ends into the bottom (you can see them peeking out in some pics).  Still can't believe I'll be 2 years in like 12 days



So it just dawned on me that I haven't posted in over a month, and you know what... it's because I'm in a rut.  No new styles, no major developments nothing.  I combined two locs on my left hand side, and if I like how they turn out I'll combine some on my right.  I also colored my hair last night, and I kinda don't know how I feel about it.   Other than that yeaaaaaa nothing much going on around these parts but the rent.  In the meantime I'm knocking at the door of 2 years loc'd.


YBWLOCS is... 26

Yep today is my birthday, and my locs are 3 months away from the 2 years mark... I cannot complain. I celebrated over the weekend by going out with 3 of my favorite ladies. The hair is a day old perm rod set (I sweated a lot of the curl out with my tipsy dancing). 

My Birfday Outfit

The shoes I wore


Curly Locs Ride Again: The Rod Set

I washed my locs last night... no big deal.  Then I tried something new... I set my locs on perm rods.  Those damned things hurt! Seriously I just took them out ~10 minutes ago, and my scalp is TENDER.  I like the tighter curl that they produce, and can't wait to incorporate the resulting curls(will be doing another set next week) into my birthday look.  

I can't say that there was much too it, I used gray/pink rods on damp locs.  No gel or setting product, and NO HEAT.  I really do despise my hooded dryer, but it serves it's purpose.  I'm thinking my hair looks like curly fries.