Presenting: The Loc Babies' First Hat

I mentioned in my last post that I was making the loc babies a hat. I finished it today and figured I'd post some pictures. So without further ado the loc babies and I present their 4th locaversary gift:

Here's the hat being modeled by my lovely and kind sculpture

Modeled by me and the babies

umm hmmm stylish

see the back

another side view


4 Months OMG

We turned 4 months old... 7 days ago lol.

I'm so in love with my locs right now. They're finally starting to look like locs

and that really excites me. I also decided that I'd be patient and not dye them. Instead I've decided to wait until my birthday in September and let my amazing loctician do it for me. Instead I decided to make the loc babies a hat for their anniversary gift. I'm doing Afya Ibamu's Kinky Reggae in red black and green. I'll post pics when I finish the hat.


Curls take 2

I took the loc babies out for a night on the town last night... I decided to try the curls again, but this time I used pipe cleaners and the soft pillow rollers.  I only had about 2 hours for the rollers to stay in so the curls fell by the end of the night ( a few survived).  Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

The Rollers/Pipe Cleaners
From YBW Locs

Had to leave these in longer for my stubborn locs
From YBW Locs

Here's the back... they looked better in person
From YBW Locs

Meet Loc-zilla #1 (more about her in another post)
From YBW Locs

That girl with the curly locs is sezzy baby
From YBW Locs

And now she can see you and be sezzy lol
From YBW Locs