Bandwagon: Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap (Peppermint)

So, I finally gave in to my urge to see what all the fuss was about this stuff, and well I'm with the band on this one.  I got mine from drugstore.com (it came via UPS today).  My scalp was feeling crazy so it was right on time.  One thing I've seen consistently is to dilute dilute dilute.  Well, I didn't have any empty bottles to dilute in so I put a few drops into my hand and allowed it to mix with the water from the shower.  I put this directly on my soaking wet locs and went to town.  It lathered up beautifully, unlike normal shampoo which NEVER gives me a lather on the first wash. 

Then I felt it... the minty tingle.  Oh man it was beautiful. My scalp was like OMG wtf is this feeling... this delicious amazing tingly feeling! I seriously think my locs/scalp were singing and dancing.  I did a prolonged rinse, and for the first time since loc'd I didn't feel the need to do second shampoo.  my locs felt light, soft, and flexible.  I removed the excess water with an old dark colored t-shirt, and then applied my usual EVOO.  So far my locs feel wonderful.

  I guess time will tell if I have the same build up issues I've heard some loc'ers talk about. 


Wash Day

Oh how I loathe thee!  I despise spending 30 minutes in the shower trying to make sure that I got all the dandruff, all the dirt, and all the shampoo out of my locs.  I hate waiting for you crazy loc kids to be dry enough to not get the furniture wet.  Reality is though, that as much as I loathe you wash day... I love the feeling of clean locs and scalp.