YBWLOCS is... 26

Yep today is my birthday, and my locs are 3 months away from the 2 years mark... I cannot complain. I celebrated over the weekend by going out with 3 of my favorite ladies. The hair is a day old perm rod set (I sweated a lot of the curl out with my tipsy dancing). 

My Birfday Outfit

The shoes I wore


Curly Locs Ride Again: The Rod Set

I washed my locs last night... no big deal.  Then I tried something new... I set my locs on perm rods.  Those damned things hurt! Seriously I just took them out ~10 minutes ago, and my scalp is TENDER.  I like the tighter curl that they produce, and can't wait to incorporate the resulting curls(will be doing another set next week) into my birthday look.  

I can't say that there was much too it, I used gray/pink rods on damp locs.  No gel or setting product, and NO HEAT.  I really do despise my hooded dryer, but it serves it's purpose.  I'm thinking my hair looks like curly fries.