Tying the Knot...

*Disclaimer: This is a hairstyle post, not an announcement ( I know I know).  

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last post or not, but lately I've been feeling kind of blah about my locs.  So first I dyed them, then I got them retightened, and last I went prowling around youtube for some inspiration.  I ended up finding this:

My hair is not nearly so long as pecadora's but I gave it a whirl and came up with my own twist on her 'do:


Really like my color here

over the hump


The knots (and some of the escaped ends)

The hump

my work pants say hi

Instead of spacing them out and stopping after one or two knots like she did, I just kept tying until I got to the back of my head.  I then just tucked the loose ends into the bottom (you can see them peeking out in some pics).  Still can't believe I'll be 2 years in like 12 days