Pipe Cleaner Curls

Last night, before my weekly wash, I decided to try some pipe cleaner curls.  The first thing I did was prepare the pipe cleaners.  I pretty much followed the steps that Chescalocs prescribes in her video, though I only used one pipe cleaner to form the curling device.If you're doing this make sure to use a pipe cleaner that is the same/similar in color to your hair (this makes it easy on you if the pipe cleaner sheds)

Bend a pipe cleaner in half to form a U shape
Form a loop at the bottom of the U shape, then twist together until you reach the bottom

et viola

While my locs were still damp from my wash, I set my entire head on these curlers, doing 1-2 locs per curler. In order to secure the locs on the pipe cleaners I started at the tips of my locs, placing them right above the loop, and then rolled down to the roots. Then I folded the leftover pipe cleaner down to hold it in place.

I air dried right up until about an hour before bed, then I spent ~40 minutes beneath the hooded dryer. I then put on my satin bonnet and went to bed.  I strongly recommend doing this when you don't have to lie down.  *Ouchies*  I ended up waking up around 6 am, because the discomfort was just to much for my tender scalp to handle, and taking the pipe cleaners out.  To do this I unfolded the excess pipe cleaner then unrolled it a bit.  From there, I squeezed the little loop flat and slid the pipe cleaner out.  

I ended up with a few very wonky looking locs.  To remedy this issue I simply spritzed them with water and reset them. I also think I made a mistake in separating the curls. I believe that this is a method I might revisit when my locs grow out some more, but for now I don't really care for the look.  I'll stick to pillow rollers.  I'm going to try to styling them and see if that helps me like them more...