That's the number of  hair and bobby pins I used to hold up the style I posted yesterday.


Loc Updo

Here's a drive by post of the updo style that I randomly created today.   It took me ~20 minutes to do the style.  Initially.  I was just going to do the front and cover the back with a headwrap. The knots you see below were created by creating a twist from several locs, wrapping it around itself, and pinning it down.
Before I decided to create an updo*

I couldn't get the headwrap to look right so I decided to try and basket weave the back.  Before doing that I pulled hair from just over my ears, on both sides of my head, and crossed them beneath the knots.  I then flipped my head over and basket weaved from the nap of my neck up to just before the crossed hair beneath the knots.  After that I just gathered, tucked, and pinned until there were no more loose locs. 

the knots lean to one side a bit

left side


right side

Back (note the glaringly obvious black bobby pin)

* my friend noted that I was not smiling here.. I had to explain that I look insane when I smile and photograph myself. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the style. 


Guess Who's Featured on IRockLocs.com

It's ME!!!!! I submitted a request to be featured ~ a month ago.  I didn't know if Kim would actually post my interview, so imagine my surprise when I saw this in my Facebook feed this morning.   Thank you for the feature Kim.  As for my other readers, please check out Kim's site IRockLocs


If I Didn't Know Better... (Warning Randomness Ahead)

I'd be convinced that my locs have not grown in the last 15 months... Good thing I know better huh?  What bought this on, you may ask.  Well it was a coworker telling me how long my locs were getting.  In my mind I called bullshigitty, then came home and took a pic for proof.  I present the evidence:

Day 1
15 months
See!  No difference.  I understand that this is the loc'ing process, and the lack of length is due to my hair condensing and matting, but dang I just want longer locs some days.  Thankfully my hair dye addiction makes it easy to see the new growth lol.  Seriously, though I'm patient and can appreciate this.... Getting long my ass.