Hair Cut... NO

Why did I wake up this morning, see Eva Pigford on tv and get the strong urge to cut off my locs. Something insane was going on there lol. damned loc anxiety.


Fuzzy 6 month locs and the dye job

The loc babies turned 6 months back on June 10th. I really can't believe it's been half a year since I sat down and decided that I was ready to make this journey. I'm glad that I did (yeah, I know this sounds so cliche). I finally broke down and decided to color my hair. I had purchased the color about 2 months ago, but decided that then was not a good time, plus I didn't want to damage my babies. I decided to color them a burgundy color, but played it safe so I didn't end up with "that burgundy". You know the too bright, looks like a cheap wig from the Asian BSS, burgundy, yeah that one. I dug L'Oreal FĂ©ria's Blowout Burgundy from beneath my bathroom counter and went to work as you can see in the pics below.

Dye Box (just dawned on me then to take pics)

Locs and my forehead covered in dye

I rinsed the color out until the water ran clear, but the shampoo they put in the box smelled a lot like dye to me so I was paranoid and annoyed by the smell. I don't love the color because it only shows reveals its true self outside and under florescent lighting...

freshly rinsed, post dye job

color sort of shows up outside

top front

the back
Next time I'll have to go brighter with the knowledge that for some reason the loc babies don't come out as bright as my loose hair did.

Other than my general annoyance at the persistent dye smell I'm ok with this color, but find myself looking at the babies sideways sometimes and wishing that they would just hurry up and get over this whole weird fuzzy thing already. I'm also frustrated by inability to style them aside from throwing in the pillow rollers and pulling them back a la' "date hair"

I've never been much of a stylist but I also feel like the super crazy fuzzball-ness of my babies is making everything but the curly look, look less than stellar.

I'm determined to keep loving my babies in spite of my occasional dislike of their looks.


Burgundy Locs?

So I've had the urge to dye my locs for MONTHS now, and up until today I resisted. I had the dye under my bathroom counter because I purchased is back in February. At the moment I'm sitting here trying my damnedest to not get red dye on my tan sofa as I wait for the last 15 minutes or so of processing time to pass... Stay tuned for results and pictures...