Loc Love

hmmm this morning I realized that I am in love with my locs. We (the locs and I) went for a swim yesterday after work. I came home and clarified to spare them the drama of pool chemical foolishness, and wrapped them in a dark colored tee shirt to pull out some of the water. After the shirt was removed the locs just kind of fell into a style lol. I woke up and they were still that way. I guess that they're just like mommy in that they know what they like and won't be moved for anything other than the desire to move. I also love that on Friday night I had all of an hour to get ready for a birthday party so I came home, spritzed the locs , threw in some rollers (haphazardly at best) and within an hour got enough curl to use an elastic band (thin ouchless band) to create a sexy snazzy but SUPER EASY style. I used the band to pull back most of the locs and then left the front out to frame my face. Sorry no pictures this time I was in a rush on Friday, and I'm in my robe right now lol.

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