Dry Loc Treat

In my last post, I quickly mentioned that I was having trouble with my scalp flaking. Well, I also noticed that my loc babies were feeling dry and crunchy. I thought about the situation for a few days and decided to give my babies a super treat outside of my normal once a month deep condish. Normally I use Organix Coconut (protein) condish mixed with EVOO.
Tonight I whipped out my mixing bowl put in the two usual suspects then added in some melted shea butter and honey.

Here's a pic of the resulting mixture

I washed with my T-Gel shampoo, and now I'm sitting here with my mixture in. I covered my locs with a conditioning cap and since I don't have a hooded dryer, I just wrapped my head in a towel (keeps in heat and prevents runs and drips. I'll post again tomorrow after I've had a chance to evaluate the results..

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