I'm just posting to say... I love you.  I stopped relaxing when I was 15 years old.  At the time I did not know what I was doing or the implications, so I got on the computer (dial up was a bish)  and got to searching... I found Nappturality.   Back then it was an old school message board, and I was scared, but I looked anyway.  That was it... From then on anytime I had a question, a worry,  or a rant, I went straight to NP. In a small town where every Black woman relaxed, wore a jerri curl, or bad weave,  NP was my only real friend.  She never told me that I was making a bad choice, and she never pushed me back toward the relaxer.  The women there offered me advice, and support.  It's been a long time (9 years) since I had no clue, and since then NP has given me laughs, support, a shoulder to cry on, and some really awesome friends.  So I just have to say Thank You to Nappturality and Deecoily for all that you've done.  This is one loc rocking sister who will never forget you, will always love you, and will always be thankful for what you do. 

So today NP and NP'ers we gone party like it's our birthday... cause hell it is.


  1. Nappturality wouldn't be what it is today without members like you. All power to you girl and the Nappturality community!!
    Much love,