Curly Locs Ride Again: The Rod Set

I washed my locs last night... no big deal.  Then I tried something new... I set my locs on perm rods.  Those damned things hurt! Seriously I just took them out ~10 minutes ago, and my scalp is TENDER.  I like the tighter curl that they produce, and can't wait to incorporate the resulting curls(will be doing another set next week) into my birthday look.  

I can't say that there was much too it, I used gray/pink rods on damp locs.  No gel or setting product, and NO HEAT.  I really do despise my hooded dryer, but it serves it's purpose.  I'm thinking my hair looks like curly fries.


  1. Nice! Now that you mention it, they do kinda look like curly fries! lol (FYI I like curly fries!)

  2. What I like most about your "do" is that it looks good immediately after you take the rollers out and later you can fluff it and get another nice look.

  3. Curly fries! Yeah! That's super cute.

    How long have you been locked? I want to try some rollers on my hair. My ends are super curly. Any suggestions?

  4. Greetings!
    I have a new blog: http://Queenlocks.wordpress.com

    Big Curls Don't Cry is gone......

    Take care~