Loc Rockin', Christmas, and Other Randomosity

It's Christmas Eve Eve, that's not really an important day right?  A year ago tomorrow I had my car accident, and so for that reason I feel extra grateful that I'm alive and well today.  Yay me!  The other thing is that I find it ironic that the weather forecast for tomorrow has the weather being exactly the same as it was last year, rainy, windy and chilly... no bueno!

Onto more important things, my loc babies will be be two weeks old tomorrow.  That excites me, but I know my family will have some ish to say.  What excites me more is that I genuinely do not give a flip.  I love Christmas and I cannot wait to get home and relax.  I'm also looking forward to opening presents.  In the meantime I guess there's nothing new and I can't say that I mind.  I'm fairly happy right now and for that I'm grateful.  I've come a long way and I can't wait to travel further.  I hope everyone out there has someone to enjoy this time of year with and that all can see beyond the now and into the future.  Since I don't plan on posting between now and Christmas day, Merry Christmas all.

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