Loc Updo

Here's a drive by post of the updo style that I randomly created today.   It took me ~20 minutes to do the style.  Initially.  I was just going to do the front and cover the back with a headwrap. The knots you see below were created by creating a twist from several locs, wrapping it around itself, and pinning it down.
Before I decided to create an updo*

I couldn't get the headwrap to look right so I decided to try and basket weave the back.  Before doing that I pulled hair from just over my ears, on both sides of my head, and crossed them beneath the knots.  I then flipped my head over and basket weaved from the nap of my neck up to just before the crossed hair beneath the knots.  After that I just gathered, tucked, and pinned until there were no more loose locs. 

the knots lean to one side a bit

left side


right side

Back (note the glaringly obvious black bobby pin)

* my friend noted that I was not smiling here.. I had to explain that I look insane when I smile and photograph myself. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the style.