If I Didn't Know Better... (Warning Randomness Ahead)

I'd be convinced that my locs have not grown in the last 15 months... Good thing I know better huh?  What bought this on, you may ask.  Well it was a coworker telling me how long my locs were getting.  In my mind I called bullshigitty, then came home and took a pic for proof.  I present the evidence:

Day 1
15 months
See!  No difference.  I understand that this is the loc'ing process, and the lack of length is due to my hair condensing and matting, but dang I just want longer locs some days.  Thankfully my hair dye addiction makes it easy to see the new growth lol.  Seriously, though I'm patient and can appreciate this.... Getting long my ass.


  1. this is hilarious but I can SO relate! People tell me all the time my hair is growing and while I kinda see it, I kinda dont. Especially now that it is at this awkward phase - seems like its growing up instead of down if that makes sense. hmmm, anyway looking forward to reading your blog. Found you by way of your irocklocs feature. :)

  2. Thanks for coming by Shana. I so felt like I had to write the post it just amuses the heck out of me when someone says it's getting long when in reality it has barely moved.