Braid Out

A couple of weeks ago I tried my first braid out....  I'm not really sure how I feel about it at this point.  I feel like it's one of those styles that will look better once I get some more length. 

In order to "set" the braid out I sprayed my dry locs with water, before saturating them with diluted alcohol free gel.  
I then made braids using 3 locs per braid.  The braids were secured with black rubber bands.  I allowed them to stay in for ~a day.  I would have left them up longer but my scalp seemed quite irritated with the braids.  In the end they didn't look too bad but meh.... I wasn't feeling it.

The braids... Very Coolio

Side (they would NOT lay down)

Back, you can see the rubber bands

After I took them down

I'm not sure what I was so focused on... but look at that FUZZ

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