1 Year Locaversary

                            Exactly one year ago today. I gave birth to my beautiful set of loc babies. 
Last time as a loose Natural
Locs right after install
I was so nervous, and it took me almost 7 hours to install all of the two strand twists.  Now, I admit that I took lots of breaks, and spent a lot of the time chatting on Y! Messenger, with a friend from Nappturality.  She kept reassuring me that I should do it.  I used some sulfur 8 loc gel to start them.  After that I just sat back and watched. 
*My first wash was surprisingly easy.  I bundled them into for sections, braided the sections, and then I went for broke, scrubbing my scalp for all I was worth.

*Then there was the first time retightening... I washed with a stocking cap, and then ended up posting on NP crying that I thought I'd ruined them. This was went I found my loctician, and man has she been a godsend.

* I've dyed them twice.

* I've learned that I stick at trying to style my own hair.

*I've learned that + tender scalp = whole new kind of pain

During the first 2 months I wasn't sure that I was going to make it, but when I did that first wash with no unraveling, I knew that it was the beginning of something wonderful.  So today I'm celebrating one year of loving my locs in spite of their desire to do as they please, and also one year of having the patience to let them.

As a gift I'm going to wash them before work lol.  I'll do something better after Christmas.

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