Honey Water Setting "Lotion" Results

So today was wash day in the YBW house.  I washed my locs with T-Gel shampoo, then followed up with a deep conditioning treatment made up of my Organix coconut milk conditioner, Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil, and Honey.  I let this sit for about an hour then rinsed out.  I had very little honey left in the bottle so I added some warm water and sloshed it around.  I used the resulting honey water and some olive oil to prep my locs for a roller set.  I let my hair air dry for several (4-5 hours) then spent an hour under my hooded dryer.  I really hate sitting beneath the dryer, but if I want my hair dry before bed it's my only option.

Below are my resulting curls... I just hope they survive the night.