OMG I Made a Style

Go me !  Seriously though.  In my year of locking, my biggest thing has been my inability to style them outside of curls.  Tonight out of boredom I decided to try again.  I ended up flipping my head upside down and basket-weaving the back . I had a ton of locs loose in the top, so I ended up basket-weaving the top as well.  I had some locs that remained loose so I fanned them out.  I'm thinking that if I were to actually use this, I could set the loose locs on curlers.  So without further ado I present "the style":

Top 1

Back 1

Top 2

Back 2

The coolest thing of all is that I took out the four hairpins I was using to secure it and it's still holding up.


  1. I think your style is cute. I'm new to to locking but I know how important it is to do "something" different with your hair every now and then. You rock that style and then find another. Good Luck!

  2. Very creative and very nice!!!!!

    Yor've inspired my creativity too, this has been my downfall so far and I'm about 10 months into my journey.