Tender is the Scalp

I intended to write this post at least 2 months ago, but it didn't happen.  I didn't really know how to talk about my tender scalp, but after my trip to the loctician on Friday the topic was fresh on my mind. 
I'm extremely tender-headed.  My scalp has no appreciation for up-dos or tight ponytails.  Heck there are some days where even a roller set isn't an option.  I knew that I was tender headed long before I loc'd my hair, I just had no idea what that would mean for me as I journeyed into the land of locs.  Now I know. 
  1. Retightenings are painful to the point of tears at times, and no it's not a matter of who does them, they just hurt, my scalp prefers to be left alone.  That means I only retighten ever 3-6 months. 
  2. Styling dry locs hurts.  I have to spritz my locs with water before I even consider trying to pull them in any direction other than the direction they choose to grow (down).  I also cannot pull too tightly or there will be hell to pay in the form of pain.
  3. No hair pulling... Period.  It's not funny or cute.  It just hurts, and I have been known to hit those who cause me physical pain.
  4. Hairpins, bobby pins, and tight headbands are all implements of torture.  This one is pretty self explanatory.
  5. I'm better off just leaving my locs to their own devices.  
I also learned, on Friday, that I am definitely not the only tender headed loc'er out there.  There was a young man getting his locs done.  My loctician gave him an awesome style.  We spoke later and he too had taken his style down, because like me, he enjoyed it but couldn't tolerate the pain.  I do have to wonder why we go through such changes when we already know that we are tender-headed. 

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