Adorning my Locs

Lately, I've been loving my locs, but at the same time finding them a bit blah.  In an effort to reduce the blahs I have considered attaching cowrie shells directly to the locs, but realized that they would have to be removed when I have my locs retightened.  Instead I came up with the idea of making some loc jewelry.  I dabble in jewelry making so I had some supplies on hand (multi use wire tool and beads, and a coarse emery board), but I had to go out and grab a spool of 20 gauge gold toned wire. 

I also improvised some wire forms by using a few of my crochet hooks.  The result appear below.

Group Shot

Cowry Coil

Swirl Coil

Simple Gold Coil

Fancy purple beaded coil

Cowry coil again

I also purchased some more dye. This time I'm using Clairol Textures & Tones in Cherrywood.  Stay tuned for a post on the dye job.

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