Because Zebulion wanted to know...

The Dry Loc Treatment I showed in this post turned out meh at best.  I already know the culprit... The SHEA BUTTER.  Yes I knew going in that my hair is typically not a fan, but I was desperate and figured that maybe the locs had changed that.  After I rinsed the treatment out, reality set in for me, my locs felt kind of hard.  I had to wash with Suave Daily Clarifying shampoo, but afterward my locs felt fine.  Nice, soft, and not hard or crunchy... I think this could have gone better had I left that shea butter in the cabinet.  If your hair likes shea butter though, I think this would work for you just fine. If you're unsure about your hair and shea butter, try a spot test (just apply to one loc and see how it feels the next day)  For me, shea butter's purpose is massaging sore joints, treating scars, and preventing ash.


  1. nuh uh, don't laugh. I have crazy dry skin, and at least twice a day I'm prone to looking like I've been playing in flour.