Dyed and Curled Locs

These pictures were taken last Wednesday, post dye job.  I decided to do a roller set while my locs were damp from washing out the dye.  I also put some of my loc jewels in ( you can see them in the pics).  I'm thrilled that yesterday my locs turned 10 months old (10 months on 10/10/10 cool right).  I really can't believe that I'm only 2 months away from making a year.  Even more than that I can't believe that my hair is pretty much loc'd at this point.  I have a few loose curly ends, and still have plenty of frizz, but I haven't worried about any of them unraveling since way back in month 3.  I'm looking forward to moving into the future and seeing how my locs develop. 


  1. That style looks great on you.

  2. Thank you very much. It's pretty much the only way I can style my locs lol.

  3. hey girl, your hair looks nice, very Nice!
    Stay positive!
    Take care~
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